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    Transferring a domain away from 1and1 to Hetzner, what a nightmare.


    A friend of mine has a domain name with, no hosting attached. Since they only allow something like 5 subdomains, and loads of other restrictions he needed it on somewhere else that can handle the requirements (more subdomains etc).

    I've got an account with Hetzner, who also provide domain support. So I added the relevant handles (details), and added the domain to Hetzner, using the Authroization code from 1and1, after following the instructions on how to unlock it.

    *Can't post link

    After filling out all of the details on Hetzner, it said something like the transfer has been initialized.

    Again further reading on 1and1, apparently this process will take 5 days.

    I first tried this on the 4th November. On the 7th November I rang 1and1 to see if it was going through the system, since you can't see jack on their GIU. They confirmed it would be with me today (16th Nov).

    So today, I waited for a while and decided to see what was going on. The "support" lady told me it had failed, since Hetzner "didn't accept the transfer", and I'd have to try again which would take a further 5 days (although from other registrars it seems to take no longer than 2 days). They also said they couldn't help me further - great.

    So I have tried it all again on Hetzner, however I'm just worried that in another 5 days the same will happen, since I don't know what Hetzner are suppose to accept?

    Anyone had any experience with this? I'm effectively losing money with it being on 1and1

    EDIT: It's also worth mentioning that no one has got e-mails refarding "accepting a transfer" (the domain holder, Admin-c email etc).
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    Its a common problem we are facing in the domain industry. From Net4in to GoDaddy ...all same. Unless ICANN gets strict about it ...this trend is not gonna change.

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    If its a domain you could get Nominet to force through a transfer, you will need an account with them and I think it involves a 10 fee.

    I had to do it once for a UK domain and its worth the fee and the little hassle involved.

    Regards and good luck,

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    It's a .com domain... Anything I can do about that? Would happily pay money to get it sorted.

    I just spend another while on the phone to 1&1.

    They told me "the receiving registrar (Hetzner) didn't send them a transfer request". However I've got an email from Hetzner which says "we have received a positive result for your request on domain (domain)".

    Sent a support ticket to Hetzner asking them to confirm, but I'm sure they did tbh, just 1&1 have no clue what's going on.

    Really have no clue what to do now... Feel like no one knows what's going on.

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