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    Need Hosting for Small Site with Large Holiday Traffic Spikes

    Greetings! I've been lurking here for several days. Have read several threads re: choosing a VPS host. But since my situation is somewhat unique, I wanted to get some specific recommendations from the group. The general consensus among those whom I have asked so far is to migrate to a VPS.

    I own and operate a blog site which is experiencing heavy traffic levels on holidays. Currently running in HostGator's shared hosting environment. My problem is that during peak periods, I am exceeding the resource limitations of my hosting plan. Specifically, the limit of 25 concurrent connections (processes) and the CPU usage limitation. When my load on the CPU exceeds 25%, my site is temporarily restricted. It becomes inaccessible and visitors receive a 500 error. Obviously, I need to prevent this from happening.

    My situation is unique in that I only experience this level of traffic on holidays. 95% of the time, traffic and CPU usage is well below the allowed limits. But on approximately 15 days per year, traffic levels spike to where concurrent connections and CPU limits become an issue.

    The holidays (especially Black Friday) are coming up quickly. So, I need to move quickly to a more robust hosting plan. What would you suggest? My site consists of a simple WordPress blog. There's nothing fancy here. No audio/video streaming or other heavy resource applications. It's just the level of traffic on holidays that is causing the issue. On most days, my traffic volume runs between 1,000 and 3,000 page views. But on major holidays, it can and has spiked as high as 60,000 page views over a 24 hour period. I need a solution that can handle this occasional load without TOS restrictions and without having the server become slow or unresponsive. I would describe my level of technical expertise as "limited."

    Since you folks know much more about this kind of thing than I do, what would you suggest?

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    I would recommend Amazon's EC2 instances in this case, as they can be resized at will to account for high/low demand, but seeing as your tech expertise is limited, you would probably need someone to manage them for you; or at least guide you through the initial setup so you can take care of it yourself.

    You could find management services, although I have little idea on pricing. But yeah, cloud hosting where you can resize specs or Amazon's EC2 would be the best fit for you here.
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    umm. I recommend a semidedicated account @ mddhosting with w3 cache and cloudflare. That should solve your issue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lifetalk View Post
    I would recommend Amazon's EC2 instances in this case
    i disagree... i tested some of the Amazon's EC2 instances (including ssd based ones) and my opinion is that they are super slow compared to most of the offers from here. Maybe I had just bad luck...

    However, since you need more resources during holiday period, I would try the following in this order:

    1. Ask them to increase your plan/resources for end of november - begin of january

    if that doesn't work

    2. Look for couple of VPS providers, that suits your needs in terms of disk/cpu/ram (here) then check reviews about them with the search functionality.

    if that doesn't work either

    3. Get a small dedicated server for 1-2 months. OVH had great offers, hetzner might suit your budget as well (check the server bidding offer)

    Good luck!
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    It does sound to me like you should move from shared hosting to a VPS. If you stay on shared hosting you are bound to hit this problem again and again. I don't think you need anything special as far as a VPS goes, but I would go for as much RAM as you can afford to give you the headroom to spawn more apache processes when needed. I think a dedicated server would be overkill, even though what you describe is a busy site, a reasonably specd VPS should be able to handle it just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ControlVM View Post
    what is your current bandwidth usage?
    I don't have records from last November (Black Friday) since those were with a previous host and are no longer available.

    The highest I have on record is from last September: 86.1GB for the month.

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    Here's what I am looking at:

    KnownHost, since I noticed they are heavily recommended on this forum.

    Fully Managed & Secured

    2048MB Guaranteed RAM
    30GB RAID10 SSD Storage
    2x Priority 24 CPU Cores
    3000GB Premium Bandwidth

    Cost = $50/month + $5 for cPanel - 10% promo code discount = $49.50/month.

    It may be more than what I need, but I'd much rather pay a few dollars extra and not need it vs being starved for resources during peak holiday times. The SSD-1 only has half as much RAM and half as much priority on the CPU. My thinking is that this is well worth the extra $13.50/mo.

    What does the group think of this choice?

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    KnownHost are a good company and that is fine package. However, my own personal opinion, for what I know of your situation from your postings here, I don't think your budget needs to be as high as that. But if you don't want/need to shop around and money isn't an issue, I think that package will more than meet your needs.

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