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    * UNIXy Review 9 months!

    Thought I'd write a quick review for UNIXy.

    Been with them for little over 9 months d can't be happier!

    Support 10/10 - Joe and his team has been nothing but stellar when I needed help or with a couple of n00bish questions.

    Price 10/10 - In the web hosting world "you get what you pay for" is very accurate. for what they offer and being fully managed I feel the price is perfect for the services received.

    Network 9/10 - had couple alerts from my monitoring service being down and to this date they had 1 major power failure but was quickly handled.

    In short, been a great 9 months and hope they maintain same level of service going forward.
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    Great to hear your good experience. Make sure you report your domain for your review. I hope the service continues for you.
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