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    [UK/USA - Xen/OpenVZ - Windows/Linux] IT'S BACK! - 50% OFF VPS FOR LIFE!

    UK or USA, Xen or OpenVZ, Linux or Windows - See our quality VPS options below.

    GBServers Ltd

    We provide UK Linux Xen-PV VPS, USA Linux OpenVZ VPS, UK Xen-HVM Windows VPS - All 50% off for life with coupon code WINTER50 - Visit our website for all of our VPS options


    About GBServers VPS

    Established in early 2007, with inspiration and determination, GBServers has experienced strong growth providing honest online hosted solutions with true 24/7 prompt support by a small team with broad technical experience.

    GBServers provide affordable, unmanaged services on a strict no-exceptions enterprise grade platform. GBServers specialise in unmanaged VPS hosting and manage their own networks in enterprise datacentres in both the UK and USA. All services are competitively priced in their market place and substantial investment is made to ensure that the networks are maintained to a high standard to provide an enterprise grade platform at all times.

    We manage our own fully redundant network consisting of Cisco Catalyst switches for our active/passive networking, APC power distribution bars for our A and B power feeds and Dell and Supermicro servers with RAID10 storage for our VPS.

    We are so confident you will be delighted with your VPS, and therefore boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a full refund on any service if you are not completely satisfied within your first 14 days.

    See our VPS plans below and sign up today. Your VPS will be setup for you instantly upon checkout.


    WE ARE OFFERING 50% OFF OUR VPS FOR LIFE!* - Use the coupon code "WINTER50" during checkout to claim your 50% lifetime discount!

    256MB RAM VPS
    RAID10 HDD: 18GB
    Guaranteed RAM: 256MB
    Bandwidth: 300GB

    UK Linux XenPV VPS - 3.13 per month - Order now!
    USA Linux OpenVZ VPS - 3.13 per month - Order now!

    384MB RAM VPS
    RAID10 HDD: 25GB
    Guaranteed RAM: 384MB
    Bandwidth: 600GB

    UK Linux XenPV VPS - 4.16 per month - Order now!
    USA Linux OpenVZ VPS - 4.16 per month - Order now!

    512MB RAM VPS
    RAID10 HDD: 35GB
    Guaranteed RAM: 512MB
    Bandwidth: 800GB

    UK Linux XenPV VPS - 5.75 per month - Order now!
    USA Linux OpenVZ VPS - 5.75 per month - Order now!
    UK Windows Xen-HVM VPS - 10.75 per month - Order now!

    RAID10 HDD: 70GB
    Guaranteed RAM: 1GB
    Bandwidth: 1.5TB

    UK Linux XenPV VPS - 11.25 per month - Order now!
    USA Linux OpenVZ VPS - 11.25 per month - Order now!
    UK Windows Xen-HVM VPS - 16.25 per month - Order now!

    RAID10 HDD: 145GB
    Guaranteed RAM: 2GB
    Bandwidth: 3TB

    UK Linux XenPV VPS - 20.00 per month - Order now!
    USA Linux OpenVZ VPS - 20.00 per month - Order now!
    UK Windows Xen-HVM VPS - 25.00 per month - Order now!

    RAID10 HDD: 300GB
    Guaranteed RAM: 4GB
    Bandwidth: 6TB

    UK Linux XenPV VPS - 36.00 per month - Order now!
    USA Linux OpenVZ VPS - 36.00 per month - Order now!
    UK Windows Xen-HVM VPS - 41.00 per month - Order now!

    Remember to enter coupon code "WINTER50" when signing up!

    +++ View all of our UK Xen-PV VPS packages +++

    +++ View all of our USA OpenVZ VPS packages +++

    +++ View all of our UK Xen-HVM Windows VPS packages +++

    *This offer is not valid on control panel and addon purchases, you will be invoiced the additional 50% for any control panels and addons purchased during sign up within 24 hours.


    Additional information:

    - All VPS plans are unmanaged
    - 1 FREE IP Addresses
    - 1Gbit internet connection
    - SolusVM Panel

    What operating system can my VPS have?
    - We supply a number of Linux operating systems for our Xen-PV and OpenVZ VPS, a full list can be found on our website. We also supply a variety of Windows operating systems for our Windows VPS range.

    How long will it take for my VPS to be setup?
    - VPS setup is automated, your VPS will be setup after full payment of your first invoice.

    What payments do you accept?
    - We accept PayPal, GoogleCheckout and Credit/Debit Card (via Nochex).

    UK Test Ping IP:
    UK Test File:

    USA Test Ping IP:
    USA Test File:


    For more information or to order please click here.

    If you require further information about our company or the services that we offer, you can visit our website at or email our sales team at general [at]
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    GBServers Ltd - UK/USA VPS Hosting Windows and Linux
    Cheap UK VPS;
    Xen/OpenVZ Premium Hardware, UK Hosted, Instant Setup!
    GBServers Ltd | Follow us on twitter @GBServers

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