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    Forgot a host name, anyone can ring a bell?

    I just can't remember their website, but it ends with .us. I heard it is quite reliable. Any one knows a good VPS provider with .us? They provide Xen/OVZ/KVM I think.

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    Well there are thousands providing VPS’es with domains .us. Have you seen it before on WHT? If yes pop down to the offers section to see if you can find it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by budi1413 View Post
    What are the odds?

    To OP: head on to the offers section and pick someone you like

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    Are you set on them? Like mentioned you can check the offers sections. I am sure there are some really reliable VPS providers in the offers section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by budi1413 View Post
    Thanks buddy, that's what I need!

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