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    VPS resell automation when provider doesn't offer Reseller program ?


    I have a webhosting page with a great reseller package from a good provider but only for shared hosting. He also have great VPS prices but he does not have resell packages for VPS. Although he uses SolusVM he does not want to create reseller accounts. So, I'am thinking to resell it anyway but I need to find a way to automate all this. I use hostbill as client management and I'm wondering if I can addapt it in some manner in order for my clients to automatically create accounts on my VPS hosting provider but using my details.. and then automacally send them the root login details,etc, all this withaut client knowladge of who's the real provider.

    I could just do it manually on every client but I may not be in front of my pc when they order and clients can be badly delayed on received de VPS access details resulting in really bad image.

    I try to achive something impossible and counter productive ?

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    Your hosting provider will have to provide you with reseller access to SolusVM. What will happen- I think- when you create a new account is the client panel login details will be your ones. Therefore every client will be able to access everybody else's VPS.

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