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    Good place to sell domains?

    Hi all,

    I have about 110 domains to resell, I have been looking everywhere for a good place to sell them but each time there is a trick scam like "you have to transfer your domains to us in order to initiate the sale" or something similar which creates a cost before you even sell them.

    Do you know of a good place where it cost nothing to start with with only a sale fee which I would not mind to pay(only when the domain is sold).

    Thank you all.

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  2. #2,, the place where you posted this thread (WHT ), Digitalpoint forums, wjunction, v7n forums are some places where you can sell domains without shelling out money.

    Good luck with your sales

    Mind PMing me the list? I 'may' buy some 'if I like any'.
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    Hi DediRDP,

    I really appreciate your help, thank you.
    I will send you the list next week as we have to agree first on the starting price for each of them.
    I will check out the other websites you listed.

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    Who's the registrar(s)?
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    The registrar of all the domains is UK2
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    You can sell it on Sedo or

    If the domain name has good keyword value you can upload a page holder on the domain name stating "This domain name is for sale @___(link to your sale page)".

    This way your domain sale is obvious and convenient for buyers to locate where to purchase it.
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    You can sell your domains on
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    You can sell your domains in Godaddy Auctions, Sedo, Namejet, Namecheap and etc.
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    flippa probably too pricey to add that many

    I don't like them but Sedo, Godaddy always got us offers. (usually low ball crappy ones but sold a few that way)
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