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    Get Leads List


    We have a website that sells brands handbags and shoes. we are working to market the products there, we worked on SEO and create an adwords account, but couldn't get sales since the keywords are so competitive.

    We are planning to send Newsletters but the problem that we still don't have a huge database. Is there anyway to get a legal database emailing list?

    We don't way to get illegal one that leads to make our website untrusted or something as spam emails.

    I guess that there should be some people subscribed to receive Newletters about something they interested in in general companies that we can ask to send our newsletters to such targeted people. Is there something like this?

    If so, so you have any suggestion?

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    There are lots of companies which offer email marketing services, for example Use such companies to send emails. I would suggest you get more active on social networking sites to gain popularity.

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    For your target audience, I think social networking or some other means of promotion would be your best bet. I can't recall buying stuff from a promo email (or anyone else doing it).
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    Social networking is a must! I would not buy a mailing list from anyone, usually to what I have seen emails from a bough list are marked as SPAM.
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    You can checkout Marketo, they provide key software such as Email & Social Marketing Applications. It's worth a try.

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