Alright, here goes.

I was dreading paying someone to develop our site, I have an in-house designer and so the site was already designed in photoshop, but I still had to find a developer to take care of the tricky part. In this day and age, finding a developer that knows what they are doing is really tricky. And once you find one, typically you find yourself at an incredibly expensive company or you end up with someone who claims they know what they're doing and they end up making this half-arse site that isn't responsive, isn't cross compatible between browsers, and has 100 W3 validation errors.

Well I managed to strike gold, and I'm not sure what I did to get so lucky.

I started by posting a wanted thread here and he contacted me by email. The thread is here:

Carlos contacted me and I was immediately impressed. His company PixelsTap is amazing. He's not your average run of the mill foreign outsourced company that treats you like another number. He's a pleasure to work with, he acts like an actual human being and is very polite and respectful. He's beyond understanding and can adapt to any situation with your vision you have for your site. I have to admit, I was worried out first. He sounded really good on paper but he only had 15 posts here and we wasn't well accredited(why I'm posting this for him; I believe he deserves it). I submitted my PSD to him and within 3 days I started seeing it all come to life. NOTHING was too complicated for him. The finished product was absolutely stunning, 100% responsive, iPhone/iPad compatible, W3 Validated and everything.

Is your problem that you're a startup company and you don't have hundreds of dollars to throw at a decent developer? I had this issue and was really worried about ending up with a big bill to pay off. Carlos was extremely affordable and was very negotiable.

If you are looking for that special developer that's willing to really work with you and get you what you want for an affordable price with amazing results, I highly suggest you shoot him a PM here. HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, WHMCS integration, Designing - You name it, he's your man.