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    Moving a domain off Network Solutions

    My father has a domain registered in 1998 we're going to migrate off NS to Namecheap. For anyone that's transferred domains off NS as a registrar, is that a fairly simple process or will Network Solutions somehow cause me any issues? Just curious if there are any things I should worry about before I start doing it besides setting up DNS.
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    It's been years since I transferred one of my domain names away from Network Solutions. That time, the process was more or less straightforward.

    After searching, finding, and reading this link from their site:

    I'd say that's still straightforward, notwithstanding that you might have to click a couple more options.

    One thing I recall, however, is that the transfer will take five days even after you confirm it with them. I don't know if they'll expedite the transfer unless you maybe contact them.

    And of course, do any DNS/nameserver changes before or after the transfer.

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    Just did one recently. They send a few emails to try and convince you to stay, but it's generally as simple as unlocking and getting the EPP, then starting the transfer. Read the emails from NS carefully, and it will go through eventually.
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