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    DNS Question for our situation

    I need an advice on a setup we have :

    We have a dedi server, with 8 ips. The dedi is split into 2 vps, one with cpanel, and the other is linux only, for hosting various software dev services.

    Main node = 1 ip
    My dev software = 2 ips.

    So im left with 5 ips for my cpanel.

    Our group as a few local webhosting client on th cpanel portion of our server. I want to minimize possible downtime.

    How do i go about setting dns on this setup ? i want redundancy.

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    Setting up the DNS server on the same physical server won't give you any redundancy. You can either use a 3rd party DNS provider or pick up a cheap VPS and use that as your secondary DNS server.
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    Thats what I tought! Any suggestions for 3rd party dns provider ? or some example on how to setup this ?

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    Most registrars will host DNS records for domains registered through them. The drawback is you use their control panel for maintaining the DNS records for those domains so it is less integrated with your web hosting control panel.

    An example that provides both hosting of DNS records for domains purchased through them and does DNS hosting for names that aren't for a fee of around $5/year is
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    What's the point of having redundant Dns servers? if you only have one physical server?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BitlineHosting View Post
    What's the point of having redundant Dns servers? if you only have one physical server?
    To preserve records that go other places than that one server.

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