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    Question Need Information about vexxhost

    I am going to test a cloud server. For this reason i find lot of company. Finally i found a company name vexxhost Canadian based company. I chat with them and they said me that they are from Canada.
    I see there price. 20 usd/m with cPanel (fully managed and root access)!! how is it possible ??
    Any Idea about this company ?
    Any current or old client here ? please give me some review and comment about them. if good then i will go with them.
    all senior and expert please see this thread ...

    NB: web site url is vexxhost . com due to reason of WHT rule i am not give direct link please see this company site and give me details.
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    Thank you for the link about our hosting company, I would also like to point out if you post, you'll find a lot of positive reviews about our company rather than false ones such as the one posted above.

    We've been established for 8 years now, we own our own IP space, operate from our own AS network, operate our own OpenStack cloud which we've designed from scratch. This has resulted in us being able to deliver the fastest all-SSD cloud computing platform available.

    Our cPanel platform is all fully customized as well, it is designed to run with additional optimizations in the backend which is only available on our service and no other web hosting service that we know of.
    VEXXHOST, Inc.
    Secure & Reliable Hosting Solutions for Developers & Enterprises
    High Performance OpenStack® Public Cloud | Cloud Servers | Web Hosting

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    I buy a service from you but i see last 36 hour you unable to rebuild my server.
    I am surprised about your support and response !!!

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