It might be your website or your game server that you and your friends love to play, you have BIG dreams about being a success. Things are going really well and you're getting popular! Then one day your server is attacked and it's over.

Some angry person has decided YOUR website or GAME server has upset them or maybe your serverís success is a threat to them. So this person goes and downloads very easy to get hacker tools, thus allowing them to DDOS or Syn Attack your server and it shuts down.
It REALLY is that easy, and it can ruin your revenue, your player base, and ultimately your fun.

Now there is a lot of competition out there to offer you protection, most companies will sell you packages starting at about $100 a month, with them you are LUCKY to be protected for up to a 1.5GB DDOS and MAYBE 2.5 Million packets per second. Did you know the average DDOS is 2.5GB to 5GB and the average SYN is 1.5 Million to 3 Million.

So ask yourself, "Why?", why did you just give that company $100.00 for protection that really wonít protect you? Of course they are willing to upgrade you, for a price. Basically to get the same level of DDOS protection from other providers it will cost you $500.00 and UP. Even at that price they will STILL shut you off for PPS Syn attacks! Usually for this price they will give you about 5 to 6 million PPS before you get turned off, and let me tell you 5-6 Million PPS is NOT hard to send.

WE HAVE NO PPS LIMITS! This is why YOU NEED US! We are NOT here to upsell you like everyone else, we are not here to take your money, we are here to HELP YOU! We charge you JUST enough to keep our state of the art mitigation service up and running, and you can rest assured that with our protected server packages your server will have the lowest latency possible even through the worst of attacks.

We use a proxy to filter your traffic. This will work with ANY web based or IP based server, application or website you want to protect. Once you complete your signup, we will send you an IP and port you give to your users so they can connect to your service. We also HIGHLY recommend you change the original IP that was getting attacked before you enlist our services. If the troublemakers know your actual IP it renders our service useless.

We are dedicated hosting professionals, website designers, gamers, and technology enthusiasts. We are the best at what we do, because we enjoy what we do, and strive to always make our network better.

We are not KIDS, We live in the USA, We have educations, experience, and Morals! We will treat you like you should be, like family.

We ARE NOT satisfied until YOUR server is up 24/7/365.

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