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    * Experienced Minecraft server admin with website knowledge


    My name is Mark, I'm 19 years old and from Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). I'm looking to work in a company which specializes in Minecraft or web hosting (preferably minecraft). I would like to use my experience to support people with the problems they may have when running a gaming server or website. I am a quick learner and can adapt to new things very quickly.

    - Gaming Control Panels; TCAdmin(user), McMyAdmin(user), Multicraft(user and admin) - I have used all of these in the past with 2 years experience with TCAdmin and McMyAdmin and 1 year using Multicraft.
    - General Problems with running a server - I am able to determine the common problems of server such as why it won't start and some of the more rare problems, knowledge from administrating servers in past.
    - Server Plugins - Having run a public minecraft bukkit server for the past 2 years and a private one for over a year before, I have got a lot of knowledge in the most used plugins on how to install them and configure them effectively for servers. From this I am now able to quickly determine why a plugin does not work the way the user would like it to and how to fix it. I also know how to connect more advanced plugins to work along with MySQL databases to record logs.
    - Server backups - I know how to backup clients files via SHH, FTP to another server on the network or to my own home storage if I'm providing them support.
    - Web hosting; CPanel, WHMCS, WHM, WordPress, MySQL, and forum software such as Zenforo, all of which I have been a user and admin - I have used all of these extensively over the past 2 years. And have learned a lot about all the software and the problems than can occur. I have used WHMCS as a billing software for my minecraft server and know how to read and reply to support tickets.

    - Minecraft Server administration Have run a public bukkit server for 2 years and ran a private vanilla alpha-beta server since 2010.
    - In a support role environment Although I have never worked for any company before, I have provided support for friends who run servers and websites and also provide some support to those in forums.

    If you would like to speak to me further my contact details are below.
    Email: [email protected] (preferred)
    Skype: markyg6000

    Desired Positions:
    - Support Technician
    - Plugin Support
    - Live chat or sales (Can Skype customers if required)
    - OR if you would like to suggest something you think would suit my skills then Im more than glad to hear.
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    Any offers or advice?
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