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    Smile FDC Servers 3 month review

    Well its been 3 months or thereabout of me collocating at FDC Servers Amsterdam location, so here's my review

    Datacenter is just south east of Amsterdam, I drove my first server all way from Ireland (a day travelling, 2 ferries) to see the place and meet the guys, not exactly cost effective but it was fun trip well worth it
    Place has good security, is very clean and has loads of room for expansion.

    The guys were professional and we had good chat, servers are definitely in good hands, since them I sent another two 4u servers and about to send a 4th 4u 36 drive server by DHL again.

    So far I didnt have to open many support tickets, but when did so all answered quickly at all times of day and night

    One problem was several broken drives (i was experimenting with cheaper desktop drives, lesson learned...) had no issues getting that shipped back to me and me sending replacements, which would happen sooner or later at any collocated server

    Another problem I had was with Cogent and some crazy routing to UPC
    The guys moved the servers to different provider and all been well since, about 1500mbit average on 10gbit ports and about 300mbit average outgoing on 1gbit ports, as advertised!

    Had another problem with the bios on one of the motherboards with ipmi going unavailable and server freezing at times and that was fixed by the technicians with no issues like that since

    I also emailed several times asking some sales questions and bouncing ideas about what motherboard, cpu, drives etc to use before building server and all replies where fast and and helpful

    I am currently considering sending more servers in the new year and reselling those (24 and 36 drive storage servers) since so far support and service has been excellent!

    aside: I have been a customer of them indirectly for about 4-5 years prior via resellers renting servers before this, and that was positive experience too

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    How does their network seem?

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    My only problem has been with Cogent and UPC (see above) that was resolved, per connection speeds seem to go up and down during downloads (busy routers?) but generally fast, good enough for my purposes of a file storage site (I had 0 DMCA emails sent their way in that time due to strict procedures in place) see

    They said can expect about 300mbit average outgoing on 1gbit ports and 1500mbit on 10gbit ports which is what I was getting there abouts for months now, sometimes even more!
    Transfers between servers are at full port speed limited only by my hardware, which is more than can be said of OVH (I used to rent HG XXXL servers with them) who went downhill lately even when transferring within their datacenter on same rack ( i think this is due to OVHs new antiDDOS thingie)

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us it sounds like your servers are in great hands. I have always seen good reviews here on WHT for fdc they are reliable provider that cares for their clients and makes sure they are satisfied with their services they get.

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