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    Dedicated Server for Windows VPS

    I need some help regarding on choosing my dedicated specs and some stuffs, so let say I rented a dedicated server with a specs of the following.

    Dual Xeon L5520 2.26Ghz Quad Core
    72GB RAM
    1TB SATA
    10TB Bandwidth - Gigabit Port
    Off Lease Refurbished
    Remote Reboot Tool
    Windows Server 2008 R2

    Do this specs good with VPS hosting?... I plan to create a vps with 1.5gb ram on each however I want to know how many vps I can create with that specs that can use maximum speed of each vps without having a problem.

    If also you have a decent price of dedicated server that you know is better than this can u recommend me some of site with a different IP address offers with a minimal to normal price?...

    I want to create vps with different ip address from one another.

    Thanks in advance.

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    1. That CPU is ancient:
    2. 1TB SATA one disk? If that is the case, you have a bottleneck here.

    You need at least 4 HDDs in RAID 10.
    As for Windows, go with 2012, MS introduced a lot of new features and improvements. - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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