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    Thumbs up Just want to appreciate server pronto


    I just want to review server pronto today. I am a pretty old timer with (from 12/23/2008) and a happy customer with them.

    till now i had just 6 support ticket raised with them in which three are my credit card update tickets. Their servers are pretty solid. only once i had an outage. When i asked for a reboot of my OS to higher version, they upgraded my server(very basic) to their upgraded hardware specification of the basic plan ( from 512 MB RAM to 1GB, 40GB HDD - 80GB etc) with no additional cost.

    These days their support is lighting fast (just had a issue with windows update which made server down - Ben worked on it), and most tickets are resolved within first 2 hours.

    I am a happy customer (very tiny customer in terms of payment) but i am treated very well. I can recommend them for my friends.

    I am sorry for my grammar and not a review template type post

    I thank them from my heart for the service they provide to me.
    - Albert

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    Many tiny customers make 1 big Good to hear you are happy. Looks like they are doing a great job.
    Thanks for sharing! - Online in no time
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    Good fairy tale, tell me another!

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