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    HyperV Backup Systems and Linux VM Guests

    Hi all,

    Our systems are extremely stable and we have not had any outages in years on any of our servers.

    Our servers started to grow fast and diskspace increased on servers hence backups now take longer to complete hence started looking at commercial backup solutions rather than hvbackup.

    We have since decided to trial Hyperoo and Altaro and then Veamm Backup which we are trying now. It seems they all save the VM and then turn it back on again after performing a saved state. However while backing up the diskio on the secondary disk where the VMS are stored increases to a queuelength of 50 at times which is incredible high and hence services become slow or stop and at times websites become unresponsive.

    We have a mixture of a linux vm and windows vm on a host and backup to a secondary drive for local storage. We also have offsite backups but lets exclude that for now as those run at a different time.

    What I'd like to know is what is the best option for Linux VM backups on HyperV in your experience? Alternative should we rather move to VMWare instead of HyperV. Opinions will be appreciated.

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    Another option is Idera but if you have extremely large volume you may face the problem taking full backup of the volume. It takes block level backup so it will reduce your backup time as well as it will have less impact on disk IO.
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