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Thread: IPMI Question.

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    * IPMI Question.

    I have a Dell SC1425,
    I would like to be able to manage the system with IPMI, but i dont know if i will actually need a supermicro server..

    Here is a server exactly like mine (i have better processors and better ram)

    Search [Dell SC1425]

    Here is the IPMI card i was looking in buying.

    search (ebay) SuperMicro AOC-SIMLP-B IPMI 2.0 Remote Management Adapter REV 3.0

    Will i need anything else besides this?

    Thank you so much, and im hoping i posted this in the right place.

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    Doesn't your server come with an embedded IPMI BMC? Try configuring it with these instructions:
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    If you have Dell I advise not mixing with SuperMicro. Dell has DRAC's if you don't already have IPMI and some of our servers have IPMI already which I suspect you have on this one too… Take a look:
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    Dell SC series does not support DRAC. It has a basic IPMI BMC that you can use serial over LAN, reboot and power off/on remotely though the LAN1 port. There is no KVM over IP or Virtual Media though, you cannot see the screen after boot unless your OS supports it and redirects to serial and is text mode only.

    You cannot use a Supermicro AOC card with it. It needs to be supported by the mainboard, there is no such thing as "separate global IPMI" cards...

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    Addendum: the only way you can see the console screen remotely, is by attaching a Lantronix Spider or any other external KVM device.

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