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    Hi WHT community,

    For a few months I have been following this community since it seems to be a great place to learn and share experiences, as well to find the right people when you're about to start a business or a simple website, or even when you're looking forward to the enter in some of the niches of the hosting industry.

    I have chosen to post it at the "Web Hosting Lounge" due to the fact we can freely talk about it, share ideas and general interests. So I think it may be in the right place.

    Today I finally signed up, as I want two fellows to enter in the hosting industry with me. I will pay the bills; no money is required from anyone. The services are to be provided to the Portuguese and Spanish speaking markets, as well to a third language speaking community other than the English – Not avoiding it for sure, but it just seems a saturated market when compared to a few other. As we are not going to provide a cheap no quality service, competing with our mates from WHT community would be a harder adventure.

    There are a few points that will make us appealing on some specific niches. In addition to this, I'd like to mention I'm graduated in Computer Science and Marketing, with solid background in Administration. Thus, considering a bunch of other courses, has given me the opportunity to achieve whatever I am intended to, a manner of executing projects successfully. Currently I run a few own businesses that I revert the money for people and institutions that need it – Due to this, you know that greedy is not something or people I am looking at.

    Another thing you should know is that I am planning to buy a bunch of IPv4 blocks before the market run out of it. These are going to be provided to the people and businesses in need of it – Not planning to provide or facilitating spamming services industry of course. Do you have experience in dealing with all the aspects and stuff of AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and RIPE? We will need to become literate in it.

    There is no plan to start big, absolutely! Starting it solidly, and going to the next carefully planned step is what is going to happen.

    From what you probably already have understood, you know I am looking at people who MAY:
    - Be a hardworking and learning, motived person
    - Speak two languages, the English being the mother tongue or a second one;
    - Deeply understand the hosting industry;
    - Know how to competently and completely administer a server;
    - Carefully know how to deal with the RIR regions/organizations aspects and processes;
    - Know the "How To" and aspects of IPs distribution to end users and companies;
    - Have some plus such knowledge in programming languages, web design, etc.

    Despite I am stating I will pay the bills and that no money is required from anyone, I'm also open to proposals and looking at hearing to your thoughts; surely. The main goal is to find two persons from anywhere in the world that fits the above requirement – They will share the profits with no money required from them to invest on it. However, I'd be quite glad working with people interested in investing on such project with me – Preferably, not the greedy ones.

    For those mates interested in starting this up with no money, please drop me a CV and a few words about you here: h.zieg []

    And for those who would like to share your thoughts about it, or that may be interested in a joint venture, partnering, or whatever by investing on it as well, we can learn more about each other here if you prefer, or you can drop me an e-mail as well.

    Thanks for your time reading it. I hope you have enjoyed the idea…

    Would you be interested talking about it?

    Have a great year ahead please!
    Yep… A great year,

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    It was and it is supposed to be in the "Web Hosting Lounge", but since it was moved to here, that's okay. However, it's more to an opportunity than a job offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zieg View Post
    It was and it is supposed to be in the "Web Hosting Lounge", but since it was moved to here, that's okay. However, it's more to an opportunity than a job offer.
    The lounge is not the place for it
    If you don’t like the road you’re walking on, start paving a new one.

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    Thanks mate,

    I thought it could be there due to the manner the message was written and what it proposed - I'm not proposing any job - It is more to talking about many aspects that could arise from this, in addition to an opportunity for those interested on it, than any simple job offer.

    I'd like to be talking about with other people in this industry. Mostly, I just see people seeking for a job on this session, and for a job opening, I'd never write down a message the way it is above. That's why I have explained the topic was primarily posted on the lounge, and then it was moved to here - So it doesn't sound strange to anyone that read it.

    There are other aspects for sure. Some things I'd like to achieve with the message. But it is unlikely to happen here. Anyway, that's okay... If you find that this message can fit the lounge proposal and move it back there, I'd be glad as well.

    As you currently see it is better leaving the message here, thanks for this. You understand this community much, much better than I do - I'd never have any doubt about it.

    So, that's agreed anyway.

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