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    need VPS security recommends

    Is there any Opensource VPS security solution?
    is there any program like online panel for security on VPS?

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    Do you use any control panel on this VPS? What type of security you are looking for? The most basic step is to get a firewall installed to filter your inbound and outbound connections. Take a look at CSF or APF firewalls.

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    Is your server unmanaged or managed?

    If it's managed then ask your upstream provider to secure it they will do it. If it isn't and if you don't know to much about managing a server and the command line then I highly suggest you to start taking courses and tutorials online on how to manage your server or hire a sys admin or server management company but it's pretty simple to take care of a server as long as you know how to read and use google.

    Have a look at this thread the author shares some good information and teaches viewers how to secure and set up their servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphavillage View Post
    Is there any Opensource VPS security solution?
    is there any program like online panel for security on VPS?
    Before you follow any online how to, you need to first understand commands in Linux. It is important that you know this before you break something.

    If this is for production use, better go for a managed vps to take care of the security for you.
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