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    Kaspersky antivirus makes my PC slow

    I have a pc with 12 Gig ram , lot of space but still my kaspersky make it slow . It seems this is the price I have to pay for security

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    I really don't see why a statement about your personal computer is in the webhosting section.

    Is their a question you are trying to ask?

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    They should be bale to help you here:
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    I use Kaspersky and it's fine for me.

    But again, how is this related to web hosting?

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    My apology to every one for this mistake. Sorry I wish I could move this thread

    Forgive me !

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    Any antivirus program do it, slowing your PC
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    AVG free out performs any paid-for anti-virus when it comes to personal computing.

    The program is also very light weight, you won't notice it.

    I uninstall Kaspersky for people all day long.
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    Best anti virus is yourself..

    Then comes avg they are pretty good I also like using synthetic.

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    Moved > Computers and Peripherals

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    Thanks Loon sorry for the trouble

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    I would recommend using AVG. Personal opinion but i have never ever had any problems with it and it does the job well.

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    I'm currently using Kaspersky as well and I don't really notice a slow pc. I've used ESET before and that is a good virus scanner as well.

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    I recommend avast i tried all other antivirus out there avast is the best.You wont be disappointed.

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    I use avast as well and it's great. Kaspersky also constantly slowed down my computer, it was also very cumbersome to work with and just didn't seem to do the trick. Very glad that I no longer use it. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Kaspersky is a nightmare. It has been crippling dozens of machines at my client's offices. I've been removing it like the plague.

    For the businesses, it's been replaced with Sophos. On the personal side, ESET products.
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    US companies have enough control over your PC let Russian software like Kaspersky give you more protection.
    Any antivirus software in some ways slows down your PC.

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    The reason why i recommend avast is because it never slows down your computer also i am running it on one of my old core2duo desktop computer with 4gb ram.And i never experienced any slow speed.

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    Kaspersky was a resource hog when I used it back in the day. I then switched away from it and everything was fine. Lots of modern day AV's contain a tonne of bloat and perform horribly.

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