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    too many spam from website in Plesk

    One of our customers is facing issue of too many spam emails sent from one of the websites in his server. The server has Plesk 9.5.4 running on it. The website has been identified and it will take a while for the developers to fix any website vulnerability. There are thousands of new emails generating per minute from the website and all are spam. How to prevent outbound spam from the server till the issues with the website are fixed. The MTA is Postfix.
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    First of all, Plesk 9.5.4 is an ancient version and there were plenty of vulnerabilities for it. Did you apply all needed security patches for 9.x? If not then you are running an outdated and a vulnerable system out there.

    To prevent the outgoing emails, You can achieve this by blocking outgoing access for your SMTP ports using either a software or a hardware firewall.

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    If "it will take a while to fix" ... the site should be disabled until these developers or whomever patch whatever they've found. Or set up ratelimiting in the firewall. Or stop Postfix if you must. I wouldn't just let it flow like rain at 1000 attempts per minute.

    And Plesk ... I think they're at 11.5 now, also there was another recent update from Parallels to patch an XSS vuln in the Plesk Panel, if I'm not mistaken. The one I'm thinking of was on the HostingSecList not long ago.

    It would behoove the client to plan an upgrade. Good luck.
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    I recommend you to stop the Postfix mail server. Large number of spam emails can cause the blacklist of your IP which creates more trouble.

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    Postfix mail server? Can you explain it??

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