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    * SCAM!!!

    Hey guys, just thought i would give a heads up and enlighten people that Paul H Holmen of is now up and running with

    This guy is as bad as they get, many people know Paul Holmen because they have been scammed by him, i know him ever so slightly because going back 6-7 months ago this guy was a customer, he paid up for the full first year, then used paypal's unauthorised payment system about 2-3 months after his purchase to reclaim his money... annoying!

    Also, another client was indeed a client of mine, and a client of his, and persistently told me of the issues he was constantly facing with Paul. He basically told me that this guy had taken his money and wouldn't provide a service or a refund, so i took the liberty to quiz paul myself, detailing that this customer is also my customer and that he should honour the purchase that the client made, or indeed refund it.

    The client never received his service, and Paul went into hiding.

    Last night i was looking through Web Host Talk, and i found an old thread detailing scams that Paul had done, so i wondered, what is he doing now? surely he's not stupid enough to actually start up again?!

    He is, and he's doing it all over again with

    Beware, this guy has scammed in the past, and will most probably scam again.
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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Oh well, he is using a very "bad looking" free hosting template, he has no money to buy a better one??

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    Quote Originally Posted by NT-James View Post
    Oh well, he is using a very "bad looking" free hosting template, he has no money to buy a better one??
    lol, it's cute at the number of hosts that do this.. and yet.. people continue to buy from them.

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    It's quite funny go whois him,

    Registrar URL:
    Registrant Name: paul holmen
    Name Server: NS6397.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Name Server: NS6398.HOSTGATOR.COM

    The name servers are hostgator's and not custom ones so it is already dodgy.

    But thanks for the heads up! ILoveBilling
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