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    * please suggest a windows vps provider who allows this :


    I am looking for a windows vps which allows semi-automated,automated scripts,CURL and supports proxies.

    my website is a service based website that ease users to do certain tasks by semiautomating or automating the process for them.

    All though its nothing bad or illegal but still i dont want to break any TOS while doing so. i tried to looking to TOS of some providers but most of them have not mentioned about it or is ambiguous.

    So please suggest me a good hosting company.

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    If it's not mentioned in the TOS of the companies you've looked at just contact them and ask them to confirm, likeliness is they allow it if its not in their TOS.

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    Most web host won't have a problem with that. If you're a little skeptical, like they mentioned above, just talk to the host and lay out your plans to them. This will give you peace of mind - Reliable Shared, Reseller, and KVM VPS Hosting Services.
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