Your servers will be colocated at the world-class datacenters in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our multi-homed BGP network is specially optimized to serve Asia, Europe and US markets. Our datacenters include HE, CoreSite and Equinix.

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Green Colo - 1U - Dedicated 100M/Month - 8 IPs (5 usable)
Only $99.00

Blue Colo - 1U - Dedicated 1G (1000M)/Month - 8 IPs (5 usable)
Only $259.00

Black Colo - 1U - Dedicated 10G (10000M)/Month - 8 IPs (5 usable)
Only $1599.00

For our promotional price, please Use Coupon Code: greenearthcolo. Bandwidth is specially optimized for Asia connections. We have the best connection to China, Japan, Korea, and other countries in the United States. Silicon Valley has the shortest connection to Asia countries with lowest latency.

We'll not only match any competitors in value and quality, but also go beyond any means to provide you, the most valuable customers, with highest standard services, only accept no imitations.