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    Question How do you sell a domain name?

    Hello, I've had about 2 dozen domain names for 7 or 8 years now. I developed one for my business and would like to sell the others. I signed up for Go Daddy's premium domain member listings, but never get anywhere. I've got them parked on Sedo for the last few months but nothing. I'm certain the domain names are good. I see CRAPPY domain names selling for much more than what I'm asking, so what's the *secret*? Do people even care about domain names anymore, or are domain names irrelevant now because of SEO, meta data, etc?

    thanks in advance for any insight

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    if you have a website with your domain name you can use to sell your domain name + the siite

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    You can also offer domain selling in the prominent forums..
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    If you ask me, I consider Sedo and Namepros to be the best places to buy and sell unique domains.

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    I think if someone really want your domain, he will find a way to contact you, there are also those who will prefer to contact you by third party sites like SEDO if they are brokers or firms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Segio-Vik View Post
    If you ask me, I consider Sedo and Namepros to be the best places to buy and sell unique domains.
    i dont think namepros is worth my time. I listed 2 aged domains there, for less then the cost to renew them, and not one bit of interest. Considering it was cheaper then buying new domains, I really dont get it.
    Just the lack of response, shows me that namepros isnt worth bother with.

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    you can use marketplace domain forum like dnforum(.)com it's larger for buy and sell domains. or you can choose www(.)wewantyourdomains(.)com to liquidate your domains for fast cash.

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    You should list them for sale at the following places.


    You can also like suggested try and sell them to resellers via NamePros or DNForum

    Brandable Domain Names Available at Excitemental

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    You can try Bido or even Ebay, but you won´t get top dollar.

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    I personally use afternic and sedo also NameDrive. Most of my sale made through AfterNic. And one thing GoDaddy already acquired AfterNic. But you can still list your domains on both marketplace. And one thing I suggest is that network with more people and professionals on facebook and linkedin. Also join domain selling groups on facebook and linkedin. You will get a good exposure there. But forums are the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antenna View Post
    I'm certain the domain names are good. I see CRAPPY domain names selling for much more than what I'm asking, so what's the *secret*?
    Just like any business... you need to market your domains. Rather than focus on the domain marketplaces, you should try to reach out to the target markets that are specific for your domains.

    How about you start here and list them.
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    I've sold several domains on NamePros marketplace/forum. I've tried Flippa too but their listing fees may not be for everyone. The Domain Offers section here on WHT can be useful too.

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    To sell a domain name, one should learn to price it. Many sellers fail to sell names in the marketplace, simply because they overpriced the domain, and thereby lost the chance to sell it.

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    I've sold at least 50+ domains over the last few years. Prices from $750 - $90k
    In general, the majority were sold to parties who contact us from whois info or off of a form on the domain. We've tried an auction, and tried listings at Sedo/GoDaddy. They brought a lot of small offers and a handful of sales. The two biggest $$ sales were domains brokers contacting us on behalf of a buyer.
    We finally just created a domain sales site, pointed our domains (and a couple of clients) to that site with a simple make offer form. That has worked well for us, largely hands off. We are also not trying to sell anything quickly so I can't say this is the route i'd go if i wanted to sell today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antenna View Post
    I'm certain the domain names are good
    If no-one is interested on them on marketplaces like SEDO, then (as long as you've set a realistic price) it's simply that the domains are junk.
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    +1 for flippa, or 'internet marketing' forums. also sedo, but has to be a good domain.

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    does any one know any website to check real website cost, I've looked few of them, results doesn't look to be true...

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    You can try Estibot.

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    sedo seem to be a biggest premium market

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    I also want to mention I used to auction off my domains on eBay before there were these domain niche sites.
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    You can try out flippa. Sedo minimum fee is $50 so you will get less for low price domain name.
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    Once you decide to sell a domain name, it is important to find the best market to sell it and the price you would like to sell it at.
    The price must depend upon the site's SEO, spelling and the amount of traffic it attracts.
    If you know someone who deals with domain names, it is recommended to contact him and not go through a middleman.
    Otherwise there are many sites that you can sell your domain on, like Flippa, Sedo, etc.

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    Sell a domain name

    1)In case you are buying some domain name as some pupose like and this domain you are register in some registrar company.
    2)then you crate some apache server to uploaded that domain.
    3)If any IT company buying domain jst like but he doesn't get that domain availability. then he checks whose buy that domain and he want only tht domain name then he buy domain tht person and any cost tht person.

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