We have a few spare servers available which I am willing to sub-sell to anyone interested.

The servers are sold through us henchos.com but this offer isn't available on our website.

Dual E5-2620
10Gbps dedicated connection
12x 3TB HDD = 36TB HDD space
100TB bandwidth

$750 per month @ 100TB limit.
$1200 per month @ 324TB (SoftLayer defined unmetered addon) limit.

Payment via credit card or PayPal. Prices are negotiable depending on requirements.

This would be an un-managed server. Getting this directly from Softlayer would cost double. We're achieving approximately 50-60% reduction on RRP with this offer.

Anyone interested please let me know via PM or add on Skype: papa_face

Our company is henchos.com and payment will be made via one of our sites monthly for the server.