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    Google Page Test

    Anyone else use the above? I have implemented the fixes they advise but it has made no difference to the web speed (wasnt very slow anyway)

    I use Firebug as a good diagnostic tool and this didnt see any improvement in the web speed.

    Just wondered if anyone else uses this and thinks it is useful?
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    It's a very good tool, but the advice given won't always improve your speed. Most of what it recommends are things that are good standard practices you should consider, but they won't improve every website.

    Some things, such as when it tells you to have your javascript loaded in your footer(non-blocking) instead of your header(blocking) may not actually improve your page speed tests because the javascript still has to load. But it will make the content load first(making the load APPEAR faster for many people), which is considered to be a good thing(though it depends on what the javascript DOES, and can sometimes break functionality).

    So I wouldn't worry too much. Those tweaks won't always speed things up overall. Still some very good things to follow if you aren't experienced in site optimization though.


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    Yes! It is right that it does not effect on website improvements. But I have tried it on my blog and it will help me a lot.
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    If you are looking to improve your page speed and your rankings take a look at Pingdom and Yslow. -Yslow Test
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    You can also use firebug to see what takes the longest to load on your page

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    Without re-coding your website/script/app, some of the easiest ways you can reduce the load time of your website are:

    1. PHP op-code caching (e.g., APC, XCache, etc).
    2. Image sprites.
    3. JavaScript minification and consolidation.
    4. Reference your static images using multiple subdomains. Web browsers limited the maximum number of concurrent requests on a single hostname. You can 'trick' the browser to making more requests at once by introducing multiple subdomains.
    5. If your server doesn't have a high CPU or IO load, add GZip compression.
    6. Use mod_expires to leverage browser caching.

    If you haven't implemented those measures, you'll definitely realize significant performance gains with them.
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    Yes, used it. But as u said. No direct impact in most of the cases. But static content caching and CDN based delivery really works.

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    It's a good tool, and Yslow is another.

    I agree with @koolkeys. You often don't get drastic improvements, even if the score gets slightly better. I'm using the tools to spot problems when the site seems slow, or monitoring tools report some kind of issue.

    A recent example: A website seemed to be a bit sluggish with delays in some Javascript functionality. It was loading dozens of external files from a poorly performing server. CSS and JS minified and combined, and moved to CDN, and the site seems much faster. Sounds easy? Well, some of the JS got broken when combined, so I had to test it quite a bit... But it was much easier to get to the root of the problem with Google's speed test.

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    Google page speed and Y Slow (by Yahoo!) are two of the best tolls available to optimize page load time. Since Google considers page load time as one of the signals for SERP, you should also try minify and CDN.

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    Are you using a CMS? Outside of the general speed improvements you should search online for tip and tricks to speed up the CMS you are using. I use Concrete a fair bit and I've found some very useful tips online which improved the speed vastly.
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    I use it regularly.
    Of course there is more to it than what suggested there.

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    Yes, it is very helpful..i have used this many times. you just consider red warnings and fix it. mostly we face cache expiry issues.

    Put all your site images in SPRITE image and gives you 80% speed to your site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by actsupport View Post
    Put all your site images in SPRITE image and gives you 80% speed to your site.
    Why do you have that random percentage there? Move to sprites, and my whole site magically loads in less than half a second?

    Yeah, cutting down requests can be fairly effective. Especially WordPress sites tend to have way too many external files. But it's not a magic bullet.

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    Thanks for the tools! Very helpful.

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