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    Recent Philippine Damages Going to Effect Us?

    Sorry if there is another thread going on about this but I search around and didn't see anything.

    Anyways, correct me if I am wrong but aren't there a few RAM/HDD makers down in the Philippines? Are the recent damages there going to have any impact on us and pricing like the WD fiasco a few years back?
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    I am not aware of any big manufacturing in the Philippines; however, there is quite a bit of call center work based out of there.

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    There are more HDD makers in Thailand than in Philippines. The floods in Thailand did more damage than this will (if this causes any price hikes and shortages at all).
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    Recently a Hynix factory burned down and RAM prices (especially 8GB E3 compatible sticks) are at an all time high, here in India. Stocks are also quite low, we have had to make do with 4GB sticks and max 16GB RAM per server.
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