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    Question IP address and domain restrictions / IIS 8 / Win 12

    Hello - my windows 2012 server running IIS8 seems to be suffering from a DOS attack.
    I'm trying to enable IP address restrictions, but I'm struggling to enable it.

    IIS console > select server > sites > select site > IP address and domain restrictions > edit dynamic restriction settings.

    Max number of concurrent requests: 20
    Max number of requests: 60
    Time (milliseconds): 200

    Click ok > edit feature settings > select deny > action > abort.

    But the above blocks everyone visiting the site - I have even increased the concurrent requests and max requests to 100000 but it still blocks the visitors.

    I thought this IIS app is supposed to block an IP address which exceeds the settings given ?

    What am I doing wrong ?
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    If it is DDoS attack, you will have to block the traffic before all request can reach to your server (using hardware firewall etc.) otherwise you will not see any improvement in the performance.

    It seems that your website is attacked heavily hence it is exceeding total connections limit and that's why all visitor are seeing error.
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