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    SolusVM & DNS issues.

    First things first, I am BRAND new to VPS.

    On that note, I have managed to install a bunch of different control panels (huge fan of Froxlor and GNUPanel), so I am not completely worthless.. but I can't get my domain to work.

    On my VPS (SolusVM/CentOS 6) I have 5 name servers, ns12-16. I have no idea what to do with them, so I just left them sitting there.

    In I have..
    Domain Settings -> Name Servers -> NS12 and 14.
    Domain Settings -> Host Names -> I have 2 of my IP's from my VPS.

    Zone File all I changed was...
    Host: @ Points to: ipaddress.243
    Host: @ Points to: ipaddress.244
    Host: @ Points to: ns12
    Host: @ Points to: ns14

    Any ideas where I am going wrong?

  2. #2 has given me these errors..

    ---------- Errors like this come up for NS 12-16
    Could not find reverse address for 2605:f700:40:0:0:0:c09d:d604 (
    PTR record(s) for the address could not be found in the .arpa-zone. ( for IPv6 addresses and for IPv4).

    Name server ns13 ( does not answer queries over UDP.


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