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    Looking for a host with these features:


    currently im hosted at Berman Hosting and though they have pretty much what i need they fail at a very important subject: stability and support. Their servers lack of stability because they seem to be incapable to manage many connections at time. In the past days my server was just unable to connect to mysql no matter how many times i rebooted the server. And support because though they have live chat support its only a few hours online and many times they dont even answer. The same with offline support tickets, they take too long to answer and should the server go down i need immediate response and know they are working at the problem.

    So im looking for a VPS with at least the same features but with LIVE CHAT SUPPORT 24/7. This is a MUST.

    -4GB RAM
    -4 cores at 3.4Ghz
    -Guaranteed Storage: 150 GB
    -Unlimited Bandwidth traffic
    -Port speed at 1Gbps
    -Linux CentOS 64bit
    -Up to 55 dollars a month.

    I know it may sound a little bit too much but believe, it is not. I think its the least you need to run a VPS smoothly and decently. Otherwise i would rather stick to shared hosting.

    If you have a good recommendation for me please let me know. I googled it but couldnt find anything like it and with this kind of things i prefer a human being recommendation based on their own experience.

    Thank you.

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    Control panel? location?

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    Im not concerned about location as long as it is reliable. The control panel can be webmin or any other freebie. I would prefer webmin though since its the one im used to.

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    Consult with top rated hosting providers about your requirement they will surely customize services for you with reasonable price rebates.

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    The question is what are those top rated hosting providers? I checked the hosting solution on the signature of the guy who replied first and looks really nice. I would like to hear comments from somebody which is actually being hosted there though.

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    You have a realistic budget so that is very good. You're not on here asking for the whole ship and a $5 budget. I wish you luck on your ventures.
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    I see many hosts offering SSD server with almost same configuration
    You can google for ssd vps hosting and find host

    Disk space many not be same a 150GB but for cpu and memory you can get almost similar configuration in 50-60 usd price

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    Please dont tell me to google it because as i said i need a recommendation from a HUMAN BEING, not from a machine.

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    1Gbit unshaped VPS port and unmetered traffic seems little catchy. How much traffic / month you expect to process ? - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    The 1Gbit port is normal but the unmetered traffic for that price is suspicious.
    You say uptime and support is top priority, budget is decent so i believe you can easily find a host from here.
    Hosts on here are not allowed to contact you directly and since mostly hosts have answered yet this is why there aren't recommendations for you yet.
    This section is always good, as providers with a bad name or complaints are not allowed to post
    You say location does not matter, so I assume you mean anywhere in the USA (I assume you are here) so hosts with good reputation on here are ezpz, knownhost, crocweb, a2, dreamhost. So you will probably be ok going to either of them.
    Or select another provider from the offer section, go to their live chat, ask around see how they respond to you.
    Good luck!

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    budget is good, try, I know they do 4000GB Bandwidth not unlimited.
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    Thanks but I checked wiredtree and they dont seem to have live chat support, first big problem. I actually dont know how much traffic my site has. On my busy days i get around 20,000 views a day. I dont know if thats much or not so i just want to make sure i dont exceed the limits and thats why i prefer unmetered bandwidth.

    Im not in he USA, im in Japan and hosting here is really expensive and underdeveloped compared to other countries. Im checking the forum link and searching a good host but as i said, what im really looking for is a recommendation from an actual user, real testimonies that can give me confidence. I have tried so many before and they always suck so next time i want it to be the last and definitive. I cant afford being on the move all the time.

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    Any more suggestions please?

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    Have you tried to see what the VPS advertisement section has to offer? They change daily - Reliable Shared, Reseller, and KVM VPS Hosting Services.
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    Your budget is a bit low for what you want, but try looking for an OpenVZ virtulization, you may find one
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