About us

M247 Cloud infrastructure is the revolutionary cloud hosting service providing access to on-demand storage, processing and bandwidth.

The infinitely scalable VPS infrastructure provides a stable platform on which for customers to build their web applications. All a M247 customer has to do is choose the resources they need with the online configuration tool, to see just how cost effective the service can be.

Cloud hosting provides complete control to the client, with remote access allowing full administrative access to their virtual machines. M247's in-house development team have created an industry leading management system, with new features being added almost on a daily basis. This is a powerful tool providing VM creation tools, bandwidth graphing, console access and many other advanced features.

M247 have invested heavily in the infrastructure to ensure rock solid stability is at the heart of the service. There is no single point of failure in the infrastructure along with enterprise grade Dell Equallogic SANs for virtual machine data storage. This results in maximum availability and high performance.


You can build your own VPS, based on resources.

RAM - per GB - 10£
SAS Disk space - per GB - 0.50£
Backup Space - per GB - 0.35£
Cores - per Core - 10£
IPs - per IP - 2.50£
Windows - per License - 5£
MS SQL Web - Per Proc - 25£
Bandwidth - per GB - 0.05£
cPanel - Per License - 10£

To build your Cloud VPS and place an order, please visit: http://vps.m247.com/signups/new

Why We Are Different?

There is no single point of failure in the infrastructure. At every layer M247 have added redundancy, resulting in world beating high availability for customers VPSs.

M247 use multiple enterprise grade Equallogic SANs, with each unit running two hot drive spares, dual controllers and multipathed 10 Gigabit connectivity for iSCSI data transfers.

Each customer volume sits across a group of Equallogic units and automatically balances data between the units. For example “hot blocks” of data (i.e. blocks that are frequently read or written) is automatically moved to the faster SANs in the group, providing maximum performance with no impact on data availability or performance during data movement.

Automatic node recovery

M247 have developed an automatic system to recover from node failure. If a physical node fails while virtual machines are running on the node, affecting service of those virtual machines, the system will ensure the node is fully disabled and then automatically restart the affected virtual machines onto other functioning nodes.

In house developed control panel

M247 have taken the many years of experience and knowledge gained in developing internal systems to produce a feature rich and user friendly web based VPS control panel for managing virtual machines on the cloud infrastructure.

True Scalability for VPS

M247’s cloud infrastructure is fully scalable and that doesn’t simply mean you can have a bit more RAM! It is scalable across multiple physical locations. Data can be replicated to multiple SAN groups across physical locations and VMs can be balanced between physical locations.

Expert Support

M247 has a highly technical team of cloud experts based in our large data-centre site. They are available 24/7 to assist customers in design, implementation and troubleshooting of services.


If you have any questions or problems, please drop us an email to [email protected]
All prices are exc. VAT.