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    DHCPv6 Server not handing out dhcp addresses

    I currently have a pfsense VM that is fully working with ipv6 on proxmox KVM

    I have a ipv6 /67 subnet for each of my internal LANs.

    Both DHCPv6 (standalone), radvd (stateless only), and DHCPv6 with radvd in managed mode were run on the LAN network, yet none of my VMs get an IP.

    However, if I manually assign an address on the VM, the VM can connect to ipv6.

    What should I generally start checking in this case?

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    I would start by checking the following:

    1. DHCPv6 uses UDP port number 546, not the old port 68 (like v4 does). Make sure that is allowed in your firewall if you are running one on the clients. Also, the server side port has changed. Make sure pfsense is set to allow outgoing port 547 for server communication.

    2. Make sure your network adapter is set to listen for DHCPv6. If in Linux, you will need to enable this in your interface file. In windows, there is a check that you have to enable in the IPv6 service.

    Hopefully one of these items will resolve your issue.

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