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    dns server


    My company has a website and we have approximately 20 emails. Currently our website is with godaddy, then this goes to a dns server owned by our IT consultant and this then directs our website to hostgator where our files are hosted.

    We recently lost our website and emails for 3 days, we had conflicting reasons why from our IT guy but throughout all the time it was down we could not ping the dnserver address.

    My first question is do we need to have a separate dnserver, would it not be just as efficient to use the godaddy dns service and direct it to hostgator?

    In fact would it not be better to have the site hosted directly with godaddy as well - my thought process being that with only one place we have less the likelihood that one of the steps fails.

    thanks for any advice

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    You can have everything inside Godaddy or Hostgator.
    Use the nameserver of the same host where you are hosting your website. This way, you won't have any complicated re-directions.

    Edit: You can have all your emails in the same host too.
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    If you think your IT consultant's DNS server is not reliable, I suggest you to use Godaddy's DNS. DNS is most important. If it is down, nothing will work for you.
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    Of course you can use whatever provider(s) you want for DNS, mail and hosting. There are arguments for and against having all eggs in one basket. But after 3 days of downtime I'd be demanding a damn good RFO (reason for outage) report from your IT guy - and if that's not forthcoming the first step would be to find a new IT guy...

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    thanks for the replies

    MY I.T. guy said that our site was down due to issues with hostgator, or the ip address being blacklisted however the site didn't hang up it just didnt seem to get an ip address associated with it.

    when i went into godaddy and changed the name server to theirs and redirected it to the ipaddress i had for our website-(I found this from, address shared with 127 other sites)it then came on line again.

    Would you agree that this means it was an issue with the nameserver and not the host?-also as I mentioned I couldn't ping name server.

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    It's hard to say without testing during the downtime but I doubt that the HG server was down for a full 3 days. Not sure where a blacklist would fit in - is he saying your IP was blacklisted? That might account for the lack of ping (or ping / ICMP may be disabled altogether - it's not really definitive).

    HG have been moving between datacenters recently - that could easily stuff up an unwary admin hosting his own DNS...

    You only mention one DNS server - did he not have others?

    "Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them." - Laurence J. Peter

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