For Hire [sales,marketing,social network, administrator,content writer etd.]

Looking for job (sales manager,support,and even content writer)
I am 22 years old (currently studing) from bosnia and herzegovina (west balcan) i have:
- great experience with cpanel/whm/whmcs and that kind of thing
- moderate experience with ftp,dns and that kinds
- know something about programing html,php,css,little mysql
- 3 years in web hosting industry
- fluent English

i am really willing to learn and i am able to fix many problems using google and I am dedicated to hosting currently i owned small local hosting company that i closed because of maintance cost i can work as a sales man or sales manager that i preffer or even as a support i can get some really good ideas and i speak english very well i speak my native language so you can expand your business to balcan countries and i speak some of german language. I am located in (CET) that is GTM +1 and i am available from 07:00 AM - 12:00 AM and from 19:00 PM - 01:00 AM but i can even stay longer or whatever you need.I am really willing to work and i would like to start with some part time kind of jobs and maybe sometime go to full time who knows
I am honest and reliable person that don't need much money i just would like to earn extra exp and earn some extra cash
Email: [email protected]

Looking to hear from you