offers everyone FREE server monitoring! How fast are your page loads throughout the day? Is your site down? Know all this 24x7 for free!

Anyone can sign up for free at

As a bonus, anyone using our hosting can get 20 server checks for free!

Multiple Check Servers With Automated Failover
We run several check servers running in various data centers. Checks are then run in rotation to ensure each site is working from multiple locations.

SMS Alerts
When an alert is trigged you can choose to get an alert via SMS. You currently receive 10 SMS credits on signup and get 100 for just $5.

Notification Lists
You can setup a list of contacts and set when to start alerting each contact, how to contact(email or sms), how often repeat alerts should be sent, and how many maximum alerts should be sent.

API Alerts
When an alert is trigged you can choose to send an alert via a third party API. Currently we include support for HipChat, Campfire, PagerDuty, Boxcar (iPhone push notifications), and a generic web hook which allows integration with just about any third party software.

Checks as often as every minute
You can setup checks that will run every 1,5,15, or 30 minutes.

Customizable timeout and retries per check
You can set the number of times a check should be tried and how long to wait for a response before marking a check as failed.

Advanced Reporting
Check statistics are stored in the database and customers can view recent detailed check long information. Customers can also generate custom uptime and response time reports.

Need more than the 3 free checks?
3 Checks = Free
10 Checks = $3/month (free for customers)
20 Checks = $6/month (free for customers)

100 SMS Credits = $5 (if needed - most people email their SMS address for free)

Instant Activation: