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    Looking for Suggestions on SingleHop Hosting Delima

    I don't usually air my dirty laundry but I feel the need to do so today. Hence the length of this post. Thanks to those who take the time to read it.

    My points and comments are in bold. Thiers are Italicized

    After a recent episode with shared hosting at HostGator I decided take my 30 client's domains to a VPS. I researched the market and found that SingleHop offered what I was looking for in service and pricing.

    I ordered up a 25 GB with cPanel, and Quick Reaction with notification. Server was setup and login instructions were sent.

    I logged in and then began to look for the "Next Step" and found nothing on what or where to do it.

    While doing this I receive a support ticket that said

    Your new tandem url is:

    If you have questions, please contact your Senior Sales Consultant below:

    So I contacted her and she told me that the ticket was in error (I received 3 more of these error tickets over the next day) and I should contact my Sales Rep who sold me the service.

    So I sent a message to him and he pushed it off on a tech support person who sent me this. (remember the question was what do I do next, Tutorial, videos or docs I didn't care)

    Regarding your issues on how to utilize the server, you ordered a VM running CentOS 5.x with no control panel, and no managed services. This would mean that you would need to login to the server via SSH using the login found in LEAP3

    If you need assistance, it may be a good idea to reinstall the VM with a supported control panel like cPanel, and also add managed services. That way, you can easily add accounts to the server, or have your resold client do the same. You can also request assistance with software/OS related issues if necessary.

    Please let us know if you have any questions. I am going to transfer this ticket to your Sales Consultant so he can follow up and let me know if any further technical issues need to be addressed. Thanks for your understanding.


    The problem was I had ordered cPanel and it was on the invoice. So I thought ok I did not order the right service. So I ordered it again but still didn't know what I should do next.

    So I contacted my Sales rep and waited for his return call...nothing.

    So I opened another ticket with this issue:
    This is an ongoing issue that has not been answered or resolved.

    This Account was set up yesterday

    You cannot log into this and no instructions have been provided to tell me what to do to fix it. 3 different groups including Support-Billing and sales have been aware of this but yet 24 hours later no one has an answer.

    They replied:


    I was able to successfully log in and flush the cphulk failed log in DB. Please try and log in now.


    I had to manually create the record. Please give a couple of hours for the DNS to update and it should be back up.


    After this time My Tech had figured out how to set up everything and we were off to the races.

    Then 2 weeks later the server ran out of Space (My fault) but the issue was the Quick Reaction Service I had ordered did not work so I received no notification that the server and clients were down.

    So I called and started a new ticket: explaining that the Quick reaction service I had paid for did not work. He said he would check but if it did work it was just to notify me and would not have started anything on his end. I explained the service said it would notify me and them at the same time waiting for me to then give an order to proceed. He said no that wasn't the way it worked.

    His ticket update shows another service I had ordered was not in play


    I have ensured that quick reaction is enabled and monitoring the server. I am in the process of running a file system check which fix the issues you are experiencing.

    I added more space to server, it was back up in an hour.

    Then yesterday, the server stopped working again and it notified me and it notified tech support as well and they started a ticket before I could call them.

    So support updated the new ticket with:

    This ticket has been opened because you are subscribed to our Quick Reaction service and we have noticed that a service is down on your server. It will be used to
    track the resolution to the problem.

    A technician will be updating it shortly with what we have found. Thank you again for choosing SingleHop, and stand by for an update!


    Next Update
    The VM has now been rebooted and is back online.


    So I asked them why did it go down as they stated they would tell me what they found

    They responded:

    SingleHop provides managed services to our clients to assist with these types of issues. Below is a link to a description of these services. If you would like to subscribe to this service, I can forward this request to a Sales representative to have this added, thus allowing me to troubleshoot your server.


    At this point I am so dispirited I am not sure what to do…with poor support, no support…services I ordered not working, and now after all of this they want me to pay to tell me what was wrong with their server which we couldn't even log into while it was down.

    So I ask you those that are on SingleHop is this the type of service I should look forward to. Or was this a one time multiple screw up? Also if this is what I should expect then what VPS Hosting companies are out there that I can get a comparable service and pricing as SingleHop but without the headaches

    P.s. They did credit me for the extra cPanel service order

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    I would suggest look for the host who will deliver a fully working installed
    vps which has cpanel fully configured to make your task easier

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    I don't see that SingleHop did anything wrong here. Migrations usually have some issue. Running out of space is of course something not in their control.

    The server going down, and them fixing it seems right. The fact that the person who wrote the supprt ticket telling you it had been rebooted did not know what was going on is probably because SingleHop is a big company. I.E. that person just responded to the ticket, they were not in the NOC and did not touch your server. As long as it was fixed in a timely manner I don't understand what there is to be upset about.

    Unless I missed something?
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    Just looks like a poor setup process to me.

    There was a mishap with the cPanel order, it was resolved.
    Quick Reaction Service was not enabled at setup.

    These things can happen with VPSes and servers. I'm in charge of adding VPSes to our monitoring service and occasionally I will miss one. It's a manual process and we are all hum.

    Then the Quick Reaction Service actually worked and they proactively fixed your VPS but it just looks like the wrong canned response was sent to you. It might be that their Quick Reaction Service doesn't include explaining to you everything that goes wrong with the server, you'd have to confirm that.

    So a few mishaps on setup, then everything worked smoothly, and still SingleHop has to endure a rather long and unfair negative review.
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    Cellmate, can you please send over something we can use to find your account? I really want to look into this but I can't find you in our system without something to search for. My e-mail is dushman -at-
    Dan Ushman
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    Quote Originally Posted by NexDog View Post
    So a few mishaps on setup, then everything worked smoothly, and still SingleHop has to endure a rather long and unfair negative review.
    I reported exactly what transpired and included their replies to the multiple trouble tickets. Not sure what part was unfair.

    At the end I asked if these issues are what I should look forward to and you said Yup! thats they way we roll.

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    The VP Of services reviewed my Post and the multiple tickets. Said as a courtesy he had someone look into the last server issue and provided me a suggested solution. He did not respond to any of the other issues so I guess that's the way they roll also.

    Thanks to those who responded to this post.

    I believe I have reached clarity.

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    I think this is more of an exception rather than the rule. We've had dedicated servers at Singlehop for nearly 10 years now, we've had no real issues except for 1 botched kernel update test a few years back and they were on top of it before I could even open a support ticket.
    Tara Roberts

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    Update to this Post.

    "All" issues have been reviewed and responded to by SH.

    I am chalking this up to a series of unfortunate events and we are staying with them as a hosting platform.

    Thanks for your replies.

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