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    Hosting for online Pharmacy-Small pharmacy

    1st post here mates. I'm looking for a web host that would allow a small pharmacy to have a online presence. Any ideas, or particular hosts you could tell me about?

    also what is the safest country to have it hosted in as well as the domain?

    I sell many items BUT no controlled products at all, just a regular mom and pop type small pharmacy.

    What countries would be best to host? I have heard Panama, Seychelles, Japan...

    I do NOT want the site hosted in the all. Would like a basic starter type package, low cost.



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    I am quite afraid that any Hosting provider will Host your website due to its nature.

    I do request you to find some Hosting provider from Hongkong , singapore or from Israel.They will provide you Hosting 10Mbit Port but it will be safer then any other place

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    Well, I believe that location doesn't matter much excluding some technical requirements. Your requirements seem to be very normal. Do you even want to sell products online? In case if it is just hosting a normal website, you can buy a domain and a starter package from a hosting provider. Note: Both need not to be taken from the same provider, it can be different. The domain cost depends on the provider and under which tld are you planning to buy as in .com/.net etc. The hosting package would cost you somewhere around $1-$4/month. Well, you might get benefited if you opt for a yearly plan. Good luck
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    It depends what you need to sell if anything!

    If it is just the normal items that are not on any controlled list of substances or drugs then any host will allow you to have a site as long as you fire them off a message first to ensure that any requirements they have are met.

    Saves embarressment that way.

    I wish you luck in your search.

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    Different countries have different ideas of what is a controlled substance. Ie in dubai many asprins are illegal. So it would be best to go with a provider in your own country.

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    Definitely if you are going to look to host something like that use your own country or check with an off-shore provider about what you will have on your website.
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    Go for offshore hosting. That's the only solution at this time.

  8. make 100% sure what you are doing and whether its legal or illegal in that particular country, take extra care while doing this and avoid anything against the law that could lead you to more trouble in future.

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    a lot of illegal things in there

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