Dominate Your Data by allowing our team of highly motivated sysadmins and engineers to help you with your data problem.

Vaurent is a mission oriented Information Technology business. We are in business to help you take control of your data.

10 years of experience has taught us that there is more to managed service that just "up time" and "security" and cost. Our experience tells us that each client is very unique with their own goals and specific needs for Information Technology in their business.

Instead of selling you 24/7 this, unlimited that. I am just going to make you an offer.

I am going to wager that myself and dedicated partners are going to help turn your Information Technology infrastructure from a big item on the budget, to a value gushing machine for your business.

But before I make you an offer on how I can turn your IT infrastructure into a value returning machine, you need to know a little more about us, you see we don't spend a lot of time on IT certifications or other bling to attract clients.

We value integrity, judgement, and commitment. These are the guiding principles for our company and the rules on how we treat clients. These weren't learned inside a book, a classroom or even a normal business industry. These principles were learned by serving in one of the most elite military organizations in the world.

Following our guiding principles has allowed us to return value for clients time and time again. Mission oriented planning, and execution keeps us on target to generating value for your business.

We do full spectrum IT. We just don't stop at the application layer we go beyond.

If any of these sound familiar to you, we can help.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Windows Server
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux
  • Apache Web Server
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Cisco Inter networking Devices
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Jboss

If we had to list out all the technology and software we have experience with... Well it would be a long list.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you had mission critical IT services that could stop critical business automation and you didn't have a recovery plan? How much money did you loose each time your sites or services went down? Do your database driven apps load so slow it's faster to just reboot the server? Ever had a router or firewall that liked to take "nap" during the day, stopping all in and outbound traffic?

My partners and myself solve these problems every single day. We have been doing this for over 10 years.

We even restored enterprise IT services to a Department of Defense data center in the middle of a blizzard with limited power and staff. I think we were there 3 days straight, talk about a vacation in a blizzard. Our commitment to our client meant that we might have to roll up our sleeves and put in a lot more hours to restore vital services to a very information sensitive organization. Our efforts did not go unnoticed, a "Navy Commendation Medal was awarded to myself and several others at the time.

If you think there a problem we can help solve please go ahead and reach out to us.

Remember, who would you trust your precious data with? Someone offering 24/7 support, or someone offering integrity?

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