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    Review: Eleven2 a host that used to be awesome

    Hi there,

    First of all, don't turn away because I just have 5 posts here. I literally forgot my old account and only opened a new one because I have been asking about VPSes lately. I discovered Sharkspace (that got acquired by Eleven2) here on this Forum. I'm thankful for that.

    I'm posting a Review on Eleven2. The web host that I have been for over3 years now I guess... I can't exactly remember... what I know for sure though is, that I was with Sharkspace before they got acquired by Eleven2.

    I thought their hosting was so good that I volunteered to have a review posted up on their site (look for Kevin Paquet)

    Eleven2 was such a good host then. I had no problem whatsoever. There was even a time when my puny shared hosting account managed to handle 61,000 visitors and on another occasion 69,000 visitors on a single day. (Typical WordPress install, Cached with Hyper Cache Extd and DB Cache Reloaded Fix and on Studio Press themes)

    But that's pretty much it... they USED to be a good host... but They've become worse in the last 12-18 months or so.

    Sites load slower. My sites don't get indexed well, etc, etc. Pingdom reports that site response has gone through the roof and doubled I think last year or earlier this year from average 600ms to something like 2000ms (!!)

    I can justify the sites not getting indexed stuff. Now, that my most important site is on WP Engine (damn, I know, quite expensive...) my blog is getting indexed quickly and ranks decently.

    I know... You'd say if I want good performance, I shouldn't get a Shared hosting account but upgrade to VPS and stuff... but my point here is, that, back then, Eleven2 was SO GOOD that I didn't need any of that. Until now.

    I have asked my account to be moved from that sharkspace server to a new one. As of this writing I'm on chiefs but I'm asking to be returned to my old server because I get INTERNAL SERVER ERROR 500 wayyyy to frequently even on sites that have nothing on it.

    They said it was a new server (I'm not saying that they are lying) but the performance speaks otherwise. ISE500 have been NON EXISTENT on my sharkspace account.

    To the ratings:
    Summary of the last 3-4 years with them:
    Customer Support 8/10 - ticket response time has been quite long... but many issues have been not so urgent anyways... but still... far from the 20 mins they are currently claiming.

    Site Speed 8/10 - Site Speed has never really been a problem for me, up until my sites weren't getting indexed well enough. I know, that my sites may not have been getting indexed well enough 'maybe' because of other factors than sitespeed, but still, it's quite a curious coincidence that now that I'm on WP Engine, that my site is ranking well.

    Price - 9/10 - I'm on my $5/month plan (half off, for life) from Sharkspace. It's great that they allowed me to continue with this account. I know, the price I'm paying is very little... but again, THEY HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER before.

    Ratings for the last 12 months:
    Customer Support 6/10 - I currently have a ticket pending that's been pending for about 2-3 hours now about these issues that I am having. Not good.

    Site Speed 5/10 - So what if my site seems to load... only to display an Internal Server Error?

    Price - 7/10 - What you pay is what you get... but as such a price, I'd still expect my sites to load well.

    I'm very sad about the drop in quality of Eleven2. I really like this host. My site has grown with them a lot. I even thought of getting VPS at last this January from them... but the way the support goes right now, and the performance I am getting on this 'new server'... I'm not that confident anymore.

    Sample sites on eleven2 at the moment:
    studentblogger dot net
    paquetmedia dot com
    thetravelteller dot com

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    if u dont statisfied with your host just move on
    there are some good host arround here like crocweb,hawkhost and mddhosting

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    overall excellent review

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinoyteens View Post
    Site Speed 5/10 - So what if my site seems to load... only to display an Internal Server Error?
    Good to hear decent review about eleven2 after long period of time .Hope they will also cross marks of 8 on site speed soon .Good Luck
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    This goes along with my WP Engine review. Like I noted, I asked for a transfer to a 'new' server, and here is the kind of result that I got.

    Lower is better.

    The lower PRE migration to the new server are from WP Engine...

    Then as my account got migrated over to the new server on Eleven2, I tried to host my site pinoyteens dot net on that said server again, and then the 2000+ms response times happened... so I decide to go back to WP Engine.

    Here now a screenshot ever since I started recording uptime and response time with Pingdom.

    Look how good it was before... Since August 2012, everything started to become a mess!

    and the latest part you see there is since I moved to WP Engine (review here:

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    That's a good review after all. It seems that the only one problem is the Site Speed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuguhost View Post
    if u dont statisfied with your host just move on
    there are some good host arround here like crocweb,hawkhost and mddhosting
    Thank you for the mention .
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