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    Domain Registrars & Hiding Name Server with own Domain Name

    I'm probably lacking the correct terminology here? But basically what I want to do is to setup name servers for a domain so that they are of the same domain name as the domain itself. Then those name servers point to the IP of the real name server. Thus "hiding" the actual name servers.

    My question is that which domain name registrars are able to configure this? Or is this something that generally most registrars can do?

    So as an example if my host name is:
    and name servers are: and

    I would set up the name servers as: pointing to & pointing to

    I know you can do this in the godaddy backend by adding a "host name" for a domain that points to an IP. Also I understood can do this too. I'm just looking for alternatives.

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    You can do this pretty much at any any registrars. It is really a basic offering to be honest.

    If you purchase a domain from a web host that doesn't offer this they will most likely be happy to do this for you upon request.

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    Alright, thank you.. I had no idea. I will try it out with other registrars.

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