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    Top Free SEO Tools?

    Hello People. I'm new to webhostingtalk and wanted to get some SEO help as in a was of getting a list of top quality free seo tools?

    Ahrefs Site Explorer
    Google PageSpeed
    Google Analytics

    Anymore please fill free to comment and add some more.
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    another free tool

    Another free tool is screaming frog seo tool
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    Here are best free seo tools:

    Keyword Research tool:
    Keyword Eye Basic
    YouTube Keyword Tool

    Content Tools:
    Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool
    Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

    Technical Tools:
    Xenu's Link Sleuth
    Robots.txt Generator
    Robots.txt Checker
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    I use some tools installed into my browser to detect page rank, links, etc.
    To use those tools you need to have firefox as brower. These tools are called SEO Quake and search status... but there are many other out there.

    Obviously it is related to what you want to do.
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    SEO Quake would be handy.. Also a site to check content for duplicates like plegium would be helpful.
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    Thanks royaling,

    do you know any free tool to check which website is linking beck to yours?
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    Free and Effective Tool for SEO

    A few useful tools for search engine optimization are
    1. Google Webmaster tool for search engine to communicate with webmaster.
    2. Google Analytics tool for traffic analysis
    3. Google Keyword planner Tool for keyword research
    4. Ahrefs for backlink checking
    5. backlinkwatch for backlink checking
    6. Opensiteexplorer for backlink checking
    7. Woorank for site analysis
    8. Ubersuggest for keyword suggestion.
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    I use
    keyword planner
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    you can try this site seoranksmart(.)com.It's representative to check for SEO analysis.
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    Re: Top Free SEO Tools?

    Check . Its an award winning open source tool to track serp. Also lots of features are there. Download and give a try. Please reply if anybody want more info.
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    Google Trends
    Keyword Planner
    Xenu's Link Sleuth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyna Boot View Post
    Google PageSpeed
    Of course page speed is important,
    Google doesn't want non working websites in its SERP but even so I wouldn't call PageSpeed a SEO tool!
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    If the website still a live you can use This website services i use to check some website page authority/domain authority for bulk check frequently
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