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    Aten IP KVM for Supermicro Microcloud

    Dear All,

    Are you able to advise if a KVM over IP solution is possible for Supermicro Microcloud?

    I understand that it have a LAN Port for IPMI 2.0 however I'm unsure if Aten supports it.

    Thank You

    Aten KN2140v

    Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0
    IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM over LAN support
    Aspeed AST2400 BMC

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    Yes, IPMI is available on Microclouds. At least the ones I've used. You can also attach a device such as Lantronix Spider on it, but you'll also need the dongle for the Microcloud connected.
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    To use your IP KVM you will need to buy 7 additional CBL-0218L 11.5CM KVM/SUVI 36PIN to 9PIN/15PIN/2USB adapters. The chassis only comes with one. That and the 8 Aten USB cables.

    It occurred to me that Aten might make a SUVI cable, but it does not appear too.

    Otherwise, you will need to assign an IP address to the IPMI interface of each blade and manage it via that. Most people prefer to use an internal network for their IPMI rather than expose it to the world. IPMI controllers haven't been security audited, the last time I heard someone look it was trivial to compromise.

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