BossTDS - Traffic Distribution/Redirection System script.

What is 'TDS'?
TDS allows you to manage your web traffic efficiently, to achieve higher revenue for the same traffic. TDS is your traffic hub. You send your traffic to your TDS and TDS makes a decision - how and where to redirect your visitors.
TDS won't generate new traffic for you. Instead, it allows you to control and rule your traffic by redirecting your visitors to the pages where they will convert better.

You write the rules, TDS makes the rest.

TDS should be fast. And BossTDS IS FAST. It allows you to process millions hits every day on a $5/month VPS, and tens of millions on a dedicated server, while tracking each of your visitor by his IP or Cookie. It is not your average buggy php script.

BossSTD can help you with these tasks:

  • Convert your repeated (non-unique) visitors into unique ones by redirecting them to different affiliate/CPC networks each time.
  • Separate your mixed traffic by country and send visitors from different countries and regions to different sites.
  • Separate your traffic by mobile/PC, by OS, by browser, by IP ranges, by request query parameters etc
  • Rotate ads. Target ads by visitor's country and/or language.
  • Create weighted split-tests and check which landing page or affiliate program converts better.
  • Gather invaluable statistics on your visitors. Collect keywords from SERP referers.
  • Check if your target site is available and if not, redirect visitors to another site.
  • Easy way to control your affiliate links, especially when you have many traffic-generation sites. Switch your sponsors on your whim.
  • Sell your traffic. Control how many traffic should be sent to each of target page.
  • etc...

Read more about BossTDS on our site:

See example use-cases on our site: . The examples are very interesting, really.

See demo admin panel: , login: boss password: bossadmin

Download installation package:

System requirements:

  • VPS or dedicated server with 512M RAM or better (under extremely heavy load TDS takes up to 150M of RAM), with modern versions of Linux installed. The TDS will not work on shared hosting.
  • Read more about requirements:

: $60 for a limited time

We have FREE 30 days demo with slightly limited functionality. No obligations, no registration.
We guarantee no questions asked 30 days money back.
We will help you to install the TDS on your server if you're not as red-eyed linux geek as we are. For free.

So, visit our site and look what we offer. Whether you buy it or not, you will not be disappointed.
Have any questions? I'd be glad to answer.