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    OVH Windows Anti-Hack - Help

    I have a windows dedi at ovh. I receive email about anti-hack and server has been put in "rescue mode".

    I have been trying to get server to boot from hard disk but cannot do it through ovh online manager.

    I was told by ovh support that this can be done through "rescue mode" SSH

    I am beginner and know nothing about how to get server back online using SSH.

    Can someone please help me? Thanks

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    here is screenshot

    which to mount?

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    SFS filesystem

    Well... what about installing Linux? Have you ever seen a serious company running their servers on Windows? Even bing is not hosted on Windows.

    Basically, with the expression "Windows anti-hack" you just cannot find any satisfying solution.


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    Go to the OVH manager
    1: Select your dedicated server
    2: Click on Services
    3: Click on Netboot
    4: At bottom select hd (Hard Disk) from netboot option
    5: Reboot the server

    Once you reboot the server, the server will boot from the hard disk.
    If still it does not boot from the hard disk, contact OVH because they probably have locked your server which is preventing you from booting it via HD.

    Also, when OVH sends you Anti-Hack emails it does not necessarily mean that your server has been hacked. It means your server is abusing their TOS. - Security notices for the hosting community.

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