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    Colo in London UK

    I am looking for a housing/colocation option in London, UK at one of the following DCs. To start it would take me 1 to 4U. Telehouse or Telecity preferred. If you have space, please get in touch ([email protected]).

    Telehouse North
    Telehouse East
    Telehouse West
    TelecityGroup, 6&7 Harbour Exchange Square
    TelecityGroup, 8&9 Harbour Exchange Square
    TelecityGroup, Bonnington House, Millharbour
    TelecityGroup, Sovereign House, Marsh Wall
    TelecityGroup, Powergate
    Equinix, London-4
    Interxion, London City

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    It is against WHT rules for people to contact you directly. Check out the colo section in the advistment section for deals.

    Besides that good luck on your search I am sure someone knows of companies that can help you fill your needs.

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