Rack911 is widely known to be the leader of Proactive Server Management for Linux servers, but did you know we are also a leader in Web Hosting Security and Software Auditing?

This year alone we have found over 175 new security vulnerabilities in every control panel and almost every popular hosting application. Here is a short list of some of the largest web hosting software vendors that we have found multiple security vulnerabilities in:

- cPanel
- Parallels Plesk
- Parallels H-Sphere
- DirectAdmin
- InterWorx
- CloudLinux
- RVSkin
- RVSiteBuilder
- Softaculous
- Idera (r1soft)
- Cloudflare Plugin
- LiteSpeed Web Server

Don't be fooled by the dozens of server management companies who claim to know security. Ask yourself, where are their published security advisories? To this date we have published almost 100 security advisories on our Blog and Twitter feed with many more pending release in the weeks ahead.

We are now offering our software auditing expertize to the public with low introductory rates to accommodate every one from large vendors to small plugin developers. Our goal has always been to make the hosting community safer and we want to work with you to accomplish that.

The rates listed below are the starting prices and go up depending on the complexity of the software being audited. Please contact us for a free quote to get an exact estimate. We also offer affordable revision auditing packages for those who have purchased an initial software audit.

Web Application: $299+
WHM / cPanel Plugin: $299+
Control Panel: $2,499+

We specialize in the following security vulnerabilities:

- Privilege Escalation
- Race Conditions
- Input Validation
- SQL Injection
- Remote Command Execution
- ACL Auditing / Bypassing

Note: In order for us to perform a thorough audit, we need to be able to install the software on our own servers. We will need access to the source code only if SQL queries are being performed, but can sign an NDA upon request. Public disclosure of any security vulnerabilities found will be up to you.

You can see some of our work at the following links:


To inquire for more information: [email protected]