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    Thumbs down ************* is going sour

    I signed up for a VPS from OpenVZ back in July after the posted an offer on LowEndTalk ( for a 1GB RAM OpenVZ VPS for $48/year. I had very few problems and when I did have a problem, their support got back to me quickly. A few days ago I noticed I was maxing out the RAM on VPS and contacted them about having it upgraded or pinpointing why it was so high. They wanted me to pay an extra $300 to have it upgraded to 1.5GB RAM for the remaining year, which I can't afford right now. I asked them if they could look into my VPS to see if there's any possible ways to fix the high memory load and they said they would get back to me. Now today, I get an email back from them telling me this:

    We have noticed that you are using an invalid promotion code. This promotion code was not meant to be made, neither to be used. This promotion code reduced the price of your VPS to $48/year instead of the $24.95/mo that is listed on the website.

    As a result of this, we will be re-pricing your service to a monthly billing, at the cost of $24.95 each month. We sincerely hope you understand our need for this. This change will take place on December 1st.
    I can't believe this! I was "using an invalid promotion code that was not meant to be made, neither to be used." after the (old?) owner posted it publicly on LowEndTalk? And if it was a mistake, then why wouldn't they say anything when I got it back in July instead of waiting till now to tell me? Their Terms of Service also explicitly says "The amount you pay for hosting will never increase from the date of purchase without prior notice.". I've also heard that Provision Host has changed hands and that's why everything is changing all of a sudden.

    TL;DR Provision Host has changed hands and suddenly increased the price of their VPS from $48/year to $24.95/month.
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    I have not but I'd suggest you carefully read again their terms of service.
    Most of the time provider reserved the right to change their pricing at anytime, unless you have any agreement with them before by lock down the yearly fee. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    When the URL is banned from WHT its never usually a good sign. Good luck with getting your issue resolved, however it appears to be a classic case of a pump and dump operation (with unsustainable offers) from the old owners.
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    I would say just move out from their host!
    As the url is banned from WHT, which is not a good sign!
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    That price bump is quite also over a year, plenty of other hosts oven on LET to pick from.

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    why name is blocked here? prior scamming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg901 View Post
    why name is blocked here? prior scamming?
    Broken forum rules. Does not necessarily reflect on their service, just how they behaved here.
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    I didn't know they had a name block.
    I think due to the pricing change (not really your fault) they should have offered you a good discount!

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